Family Engagement

Welcome to the Emmett O’Brien Technical High School Family Community Partnership Program. Across our district, families, schools and communities are partnering to ensure student achievement.

This partnership can improve school programs and school climate, provide support for families, increase parents’ skills and leadership as well as connect families in the school with others in the community. With frequent interactions and communication between schools, families and communities, our students will hear the same message of the importance of school, hard work and contributing to the community. Our system encourages families to partner with the school through the Family Engagement Action Team. Participation does not require a parent or family member to be a member of the Parent/Faculty Organization.


Team Membership

Cece Sheppard

Co-Chairperson/Staff Liason

Sharon Moore

General Education

Mary Benjamin, Susan Schryver, Kimberly Phipps & Craig Behun 


Laurie LeBouthillier, Michelle Dunn, & Ted Oczkowski

Parent Liaisons
Kathy Radin & John Tomasella

School Counseling
Peter Daria & Chris Cartnick

Special Education
Annette Frank

Diane Salmeri

Community Liaison
Dorothy Gleason – HCC

View our Family Engagement Action Plan in English

View our Family Engagement Action Plan in Spanish

View our Compact for Achievement in English

View our Compact for Achievement in Spanish

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