The Soccer Program at O’Brien Tech is focused on developing young athletes into competitive soccer players by the time they reach the varsity level. The program stresses the technical, tactical and physical demands of the game as it is played in high school. By exposing young athletes to these demands early on in the program, the player will find himself better prepared to play at a higher level of soccer.

All practice sessions are geared to improve the player’s foot skills, placing emphasis on developing the quality of the player’s first touch on the ball. At the varsity level, higher demands are expected physically and technically from the players. They learn to perform under pressure and at game speed. A variety of team formations are introduced and explained in order to provide the player with a detailed understanding of the tactics of the game.

The coaching staff’s objective, led by soccer veteran Arturo Solis, is to assist hardworking student-athletes in developing into high-quality soccer players. In addition, the overall improvement of the athlete’s physical fitness and coordination will prepare the athlete to be competitive in a variety of sports here at O’Brien Tech.

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