Connecticut Technical Education and Career System’s Elective course breakdown by program.

Foundations of Art (FA614, FA615)
Drawing (FA634)
2-D Design (FA610, FA611)
3-D Design (FA620, FA621)
Painting (FA655, FA656)
Studio Art (FA659, FA660)
Trade Art (FA665, FA667)
Advanced Art (FA631)
Drawing I – UCONN (FA710)

Computer Applications I (TC619)
Computer Applications II (TC620)
Computer Applications III (TC625)
Computer Applications IV (TC626)

Creative and Nonfiction Writing (EN450) (EN451)*
Literature of Our Lifetime (EN452) (EN453)*
Mythology, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Literature (EN454) (EN455)*
Reading Literature through the Ages (EN456) (EN457)*
Advanced Composition, News and Media (EN458) (EN459)*
Comparative Literature, Film and Media (EN440) (EN441)*
Intro to Academic Writing – UCONN (EN601)*
Seminar in Academic Writing – UCONN (EN608)*
Seminar in Writing through Literature – UCONN (EN609)*


*Must meet Honors/Advanced Level Selection Criteria

Music Applications (MU670, MU672)
Concert Band (MU601-MU611)
Concert Choir (MU617-MU627)
Introduction to Guitar and Advanced Guitar (MU646, MU649)
Introduction to Drumline, Advanced Drumline, Drumline II, Drumline III, Drumline IV (MU660, MU661, MU760, MU662, MU663, MU687)
Music Appreciation (MU665, MU666)
Piano (MU680, MU681)
Drumline/Piano (MU684)
Voice Class (MU634, MU635)
Advanced Music Independent Study  (MU690, MU691)
Music Therapy I, II (MU761, MU 762)
Electronic Music I, II (MU763, MU 764)

Advanced Fitness and Wellness (PE610-PE612)
Body Sculpting (PE620)
Strength and Conditioning (PE630)
Fun, Food and Fitness (PE640, PE641)
Lifetime Activities (PE650, PE651)

Three American Wars (SS686)
Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights (SS710)

Academic Access (SD500)
Student Leadership (SD123, SD124, SD130)

Foundations of Italian (FL130, FL131)
Foundations of Spanish (FL110, FL111)
Conversational Italian (FL132, FL133)
Conversational Spanish (FL112, FL113)

Environmental Science (SC659)
General Physics (SC655)
Seminar in Academic Writing (EN608)
Seminar in American Studies (SS716)

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